Heart shaped pendant tutorial

Beautiful one of a kind heart shaped pendants, created from leftover scraps!

For this tutorial it is recommended that you use Cernit Polymer Clay

Basic tools needed

Polymer clay blade, jewelery wire and an acrylic block. If you don’t have an acrylic block you could use a tile

And Polymer clay scraps

Start by pressing the clay together to warm it up.  Try not to mix the colours too much.

Once  the clay is warmed up enough, gently twist it like shown.

Using the acrylic block, flatten the clay evenly.

Then use the acrylic block again to flatten the edges of the  clay.

Using the Polymer clay blade, make one clean cut through the centre of your block.

Carefully open, to reveal a mirror image

And gently press these two halves together

Then using the acrylic block again, press down firmly to flatten the clay, producing a symmetrical pattern

Cut away the bottom corners to make the bottom of the heart shape.

And cut away the top corners to get a diamond shape

Using your finger, gently press in the top of the diamond to make the top of the heart

And gently press the edges in with your fingers. Don’t roll the clay or drag it, as this will ruin the design. Just gently tap the edge with your finger

Next, roll the jewellery wire around a pencil or paintbrush to get a spiral

Make sure to leave enough at each end to insert into the heart pendant

Remove from pencil

And twist the ends together

Gently insert the twisted part of  the wire into the top of the heart, ensuring you don’t press too far in or split the clay. Bake in the oven at 150 degrees centigrade for approximately 10-15mins.

Once cooled, string a piece of leather thong through and there you have it! You can leave it matt or varnish it, and you can use fine sandpaper to make the surface smooth!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. millymason
    May 14, 2011 @ 11:24:46

    I cant believe these pendants have been made from scraps – they look so professional!

    Looking forward to seeing how I can make them too!!


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