This is a project in the early stages! Doorknobs decorated with Polymer clay. They aren’t yet sanded and varnished but will be finished and uploaded soon, along with the tutorial!

Project Ideas

Simple cane tutorials on this blog

Heart buttons – tutorial is on this blog.

Heart pendant necklaces – tutorial is on this blog

Door knobs

Swirl Cane Tutorial

A tutorial on how to make these pretty swirl canes

What you will need:

Polymer clay
Acrylic rolling pin OR pasta machine.

Personally, I would always use a pasta machine for rolling out polymer clay like this as you will always get the precise thickness you want. However, if you don’t have a pasta machine, you can do this with an acrylic rolling pin.

Roll out two colours thinly and lay them flat on top of each other. Trim off the edges. The size of your square should be roughly 8cmx8cm

Once you have lay the pieces together, carefully roll the clay like a swiss roll. This will make the spiral on the inside of the cane.

Next, take two colours, and roll them flat. Trim the edges so they are 8cmx3cm. Cut several of these.

Lay them on top of each other as shown.

Next, cut slices off the side of your cane

Carefully put the slices lengthways onto the swirl cane you made earlier.

This is how your can should look once covered.

Roll out another colour, and wrap the cane in this colour. Trim off any excess.

Repeat the previous step as many times with as many colours as you would like. This is how your final cane should look.

You can reduce the size of the cane by gently squeezing, pulling and rolling. This needs to be done slowly, otherwise the clay will split.

Play around with as many colours as you like.

Button and Bead Tutorial

How to make these buttons and beads

You will need:

Polymer clay canes
Polymer clay
Acrylic rolling pin
A toothpick
Shape cutters (in whatever shape you want your buttons)

Polymer clay canes. You can either make your own canes or buy them ready made.

Take a piece of polymer clay and roll it out flat. This will be the base to your buttons.

Cut thin slices from your canes.

Carefully lay your cane slices onto the base

Gently roll the slices so they adhere to the base clay. Do not press too hard as you don’t want to distort the slices

Using your shape cutters, cut out your button shapes

Cut as many as you like from the clay

Use the toothpick to put holes in your buttons, and there you have it!

To make beads

After rolling out the base clay, instead of laying slices onto it, use a cutter to cut lots of pieces out. Then roll each piece into a ball. Doing this is a great way to make sure all your beads will be the same size.

Gently lay your slices onto your balls of polymer clay.

Roll the bead so the slices smooth out, being careful not to press too hard and distort the slices or the shape of the bead.

Using the toothpick, put holes through your beads.

Once finished, follow the directions on the polymer clay packet on baking them.

Kaleidoscope Cane Tutorial

To make these kaleidoscope canes you will need:

Odd pieces of polymer clay
A blade
An acrylic block

Start with the odd pieces of polymer clay

Roll several pieces out until they are about 15cm long

Gently press them together

Press them down and pinch along the top to form a pyramid shape

This is how your pyramid shape should look

Cut the ends off

Cut the pyramid cane in half

Gently press these two halves together, side by side, to make a symmetrical pattern

Press the cane down to make another pyramid shape (don’t pinch along the top this time)

Cut through the middle of this cane

Again, put the two pieces side by side, making another symmetrical cane

Gently press the pieces together

Use an acrylic block to flatten all the edges and make the surface smooth. You can also use this method to reduce the size of the cane without loosing the square shape. To do this you rotate the cane, pressing down carefully on one side at a time, repeating until you get the desired size cane.

The finished cane.