Button and Bead Tutorial

How to make these buttons and beads

You will need:

Polymer clay canes
Polymer clay
Acrylic rolling pin
A toothpick
Shape cutters (in whatever shape you want your buttons)

Polymer clay canes. You can either make your own canes or buy them ready made.

Take a piece of polymer clay and roll it out flat. This will be the base to your buttons.

Cut thin slices from your canes.

Carefully lay your cane slices onto the base

Gently roll the slices so they adhere to the base clay. Do not press too hard as you don’t want to distort the slices

Using your shape cutters, cut out your button shapes

Cut as many as you like from the clay

Use the toothpick to put holes in your buttons, and there you have it!

To make beads

After rolling out the base clay, instead of laying slices onto it, use a cutter to cut lots of pieces out. Then roll each piece into a ball. Doing this is a great way to make sure all your beads will be the same size.

Gently lay your slices onto your balls of polymer clay.

Roll the bead so the slices smooth out, being careful not to press too hard and distort the slices or the shape of the bead.

Using the toothpick, put holes through your beads.

Once finished, follow the directions on the polymer clay packet on baking them.

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