Heart shaped cane tutorial

Tools needed for this project: Pasta machine,polymer clay blade,heart shaped cutter and an acrylic block.

Colours I used for this cane.

Start by rolling out on the thickest setting on your pasta machine your chosen colour: ive used a pack an a half for this

Begin to cut out your hearts; ive cut  out 16 in total.

Stack hearts carefully on top on one another.

Set your pasta machine to number 5 setting and roll out 2 different colours; place  on top of one another.

Cut into a square and again place on top of one another; so you have 4 stripes.

with your blade begin to cut thin slices.

Put the pieces together; I like to put them together in 4s.

Gently roll with a acrylic roller or a glass tumbler.

Start to arrange the stripes around your stack of hearts.

This is what it should look like once you’ve gone all around.

Again roll out a whole packet of clay using the thickest setting; then cut out as many hearts as before and put to one side.The bits that you need are the cut outs. With your blade cut around each cut out; they should  look like the picture.

Cut through the center of each one.

Start to stack each piece around the heart.

When finished it should look like this.

A side view.

Fill in the 2 gapes at the sides with any left over bits.

Start to squeeze together making sure you keep the shape; so lots of pressing and turning.

It should start to get longer. Don’t  worry about the ends looking messy as they will need cutting off to show the true pattern.

Before it gets to long cut in half.

Cover again with the stripes.

To make the cane smaller use the acrylic block and keep rotating and pressing; this will enable you to make the cane as small as you want whilst still keeping the shape.

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