I am very pleased to announce that my first publication will be available very soon. It will be concerning simple ideas for button and brooch making, and should be available in the craft section of most book stores. More info to follow……………

New project ideas.

Attaching slices of your canes to glass : No glue is needed just place onto the glass and bake.

Cute T light holders created using cernit polymer clay

Cute T light holders created using cernit polymer clay


Simple flower cane tutorial

A simple step by step tutorial on how to make a flower cane.

Colors and quantities used for this cane.

Tools used for this cane.

Using the white clay cut into 5 equal parts and form into 5 sausages: these will become your  petals.

Roll out a sheet of clay using the number 6 setting on your pasta machine. Wrap each sausage in a piece of this ensuring that both ends meet and do not over lap.

Next take your blade and make cuts through the center of each cane making sure that you don’t cut right through.

Insert slices of the same colour into the slots like the picture below.

Next trim off all the over hanging bits.

All 5 pieces should now look like this.

For the center of the flower make another sausage shape making sure  its the same length and width as the 5 other pieces.

Begin to arrange all  5 of the petals  around the center.

Fill in the gaps in between each petal with a thin worm like strips: before placing these pieces into the gaps pinch along the top so you have a sort of pyramid shape: like the picture below, fitting the pointed side in first.

Once all pieces are in place give a little squeeze to make sure everything fits snug.

Take another sheet of clay that’s also been through the pasta machine ( on number 5 setting) and wrap the whole thing .

It should now look like this.

Start to squeeze starting at the center and working your way outwards. The ends of your cane will start to look messy like this but don’t worry it will all be fine!

Cut through the center to find your beautiful flower!