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A happy day created in clay!…. CERNIT POLYMER CLAY


Draw Handel/Door knob tutorial

A simple step by step tutorial for covering draw handles/ door knobs with polymer clay. I have used a flower cane that I made with CERNIT. There is a tutorial for the flower on this blog, or alternatively you can find a video tutorial for the flower cane on the Clayground websit: .
For this tutorial I have used a wooden draw handle; you can also use a porcelain one, if using porcelain then no varnish is required before attaching the slices.

you will need:

a wooden draw handle

a polymer clay cane: you can make your own or by one ready made

Cernit  polymer clay varnish

a roller and a blade.


Step 1   begin by slicing your cane; I like to use different sized canes ( there are tutorials on you-tube on how to reduce your canes to make different sizes).

Step 2 Using a soft brush, apply a thin coat of varnish to the entire handle, this will help the slices  to stick to the wood.

Step 3 Begin to arrange the slices all over the handle, arrange the slices as close together as possible, don’t worry if there are lots of small gaps in between.

Step 4 Turn the handle upside down and trim off  the edges.

Step 5 Take your roller and begin to make small  rolling movements; you will need a smaller tool for the underside, this can be quite time consuming. Do this until there are no longer any visible gaps.

Step 6 Place the handle onto a ceramic tile or baking tray; bake in the centre of the oven or around 30 minutes at 120°c ( all ovens are different, also different brands of polymer clay bake at different temperatures, so please read the baking instructions on the packet).

Step 6 Once the handle has cooled you can use some wet and dry sand paper to smooth out ant rough edges. You can also use a polymer clay varnish to give a real nice shine. I personally like to use Darwi glossy varnish, a favourite amongst polymer clay artists.


All products used including the Darwi varnish can be found at


Draw handles/ door knobs

Create your very own draw handles to liven up old furniture: each one is unique and is hand made using CERNIT polymer clay.
simple tutorial on it’s way 🙂