Cute CERNIT fridge magnets!






These beautiful roses are just so easy too make! Try adding them to hair clips, bracelets, rings and tiaras! They will also look stunning sewn onto a childs cardigan or hat! Or simply add them to your hand made cards!

Always make sure you have clean hands, and your work surface is clean and free from dust.
As usual, ensure that you condition your clay before you begin your project.

Sharp blade
Ceramic tile for baking


1. I have chosen two different colours because I like to mix the colours to create different shades. So start by mixing the two colours together to create your desired shade.

2. Form your clay into six small balls ( the size of a pea)

3. Flatten each ball by gentley pressing and turning in your fingers.

4. Roll your first petal loosley with your fingers, then one by one wrap each petal around the center. Each time you add a petal gently stroke the edges to curve them over slightly.

5. Once all your petals are in place gently squeeze and roll in your fingers to secure them all together, making sure you dont squeeze the petals together.

6. Take your blade and cut of the excess clay.

7. Using your green clay; roll into two tiny balls, flatten and elongate by pressing in your fingers.
8. Place the two pieces onto the flat side of the rose, forming a cross like shown.

9. If you are using your rose as a charm then you could add a headpin by placing directly through the center of the rose or simply add a jump ring by threading the jump ring through one of the leaves before attaching to the flat side of the rose. For the hair clip and ring leave and bake as they are.

10. Place your rose onto a ceramic tile and bake in the center of your oven at 130c for around 10/15 minutes.


Simple leaf cane!


Cute owls

Create your own owl brooch or fridge magnet using CERNIT polymer clay!


Simple flower cane tutorial

A simple step by step tutorial on how to make a flower cane.

Colors and quantities used for this cane.

Tools used for this cane.

Using the white clay cut into 5 equal parts and form into 5 sausages: these will become your  petals.

Roll out a sheet of clay using the number 6 setting on your pasta machine. Wrap each sausage in a piece of this ensuring that both ends meet and do not over lap.

Next take your blade and make cuts through the center of each cane making sure that you don’t cut right through.

Insert slices of the same colour into the slots like the picture below.

Next trim off all the over hanging bits.

All 5 pieces should now look like this.

For the center of the flower make another sausage shape making sure  its the same length and width as the 5 other pieces.

Begin to arrange all  5 of the petals  around the center.

Fill in the gaps in between each petal with a thin worm like strips: before placing these pieces into the gaps pinch along the top so you have a sort of pyramid shape: like the picture below, fitting the pointed side in first.

Once all pieces are in place give a little squeeze to make sure everything fits snug.

Take another sheet of clay that’s also been through the pasta machine ( on number 5 setting) and wrap the whole thing .

It should now look like this.

Start to squeeze starting at the center and working your way outwards. The ends of your cane will start to look messy like this but don’t worry it will all be fine!

Cut through the center to find your beautiful flower!

Heart shaped cane tutorial

Tools needed for this project: Pasta machine,polymer clay blade,heart shaped cutter and an acrylic block.

Colours I used for this cane.

Start by rolling out on the thickest setting on your pasta machine your chosen colour: ive used a pack an a half for this

Begin to cut out your hearts; ive cut  out 16 in total.

Stack hearts carefully on top on one another.

Set your pasta machine to number 5 setting and roll out 2 different colours; place  on top of one another.

Cut into a square and again place on top of one another; so you have 4 stripes.

with your blade begin to cut thin slices.

Put the pieces together; I like to put them together in 4s.

Gently roll with a acrylic roller or a glass tumbler.

Start to arrange the stripes around your stack of hearts.

This is what it should look like once you’ve gone all around.

Again roll out a whole packet of clay using the thickest setting; then cut out as many hearts as before and put to one side.The bits that you need are the cut outs. With your blade cut around each cut out; they should  look like the picture.

Cut through the center of each one.

Start to stack each piece around the heart.

When finished it should look like this.

A side view.

Fill in the 2 gapes at the sides with any left over bits.

Start to squeeze together making sure you keep the shape; so lots of pressing and turning.

It should start to get longer. Don’t  worry about the ends looking messy as they will need cutting off to show the true pattern.

Before it gets to long cut in half.

Cover again with the stripes.

To make the cane smaller use the acrylic block and keep rotating and pressing; this will enable you to make the cane as small as you want whilst still keeping the shape.

Swirl Cane Tutorial

A tutorial on how to make these pretty swirl canes

What you will need:

Polymer clay
Acrylic rolling pin OR pasta machine.

Personally, I would always use a pasta machine for rolling out polymer clay like this as you will always get the precise thickness you want. However, if you don’t have a pasta machine, you can do this with an acrylic rolling pin.

Roll out two colours thinly and lay them flat on top of each other. Trim off the edges. The size of your square should be roughly 8cmx8cm

Once you have lay the pieces together, carefully roll the clay like a swiss roll. This will make the spiral on the inside of the cane.

Next, take two colours, and roll them flat. Trim the edges so they are 8cmx3cm. Cut several of these.

Lay them on top of each other as shown.

Next, cut slices off the side of your cane

Carefully put the slices lengthways onto the swirl cane you made earlier.

This is how your can should look once covered.

Roll out another colour, and wrap the cane in this colour. Trim off any excess.

Repeat the previous step as many times with as many colours as you would like. This is how your final cane should look.

You can reduce the size of the cane by gently squeezing, pulling and rolling. This needs to be done slowly, otherwise the clay will split.

Play around with as many colours as you like.

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